Weather forecasts for all cities of the world!

On this site you can find out any weather for any city in any country! Just search for the city you need by searching or selecting from the categories below.

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Our database stores the weather forecast for 110,000+ cities in the world. The data is regularly updated and updated. Each weather forecast is hourly, that is, it contains information about the expected weather for every three hours over the next five days.

The weather is displayed as tabs: now, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and for another couple of days, as well as a forecast for 3 and 5 days. Also, for each city you can find out the local time and date.

We use only high-quality sources of information, so the accuracy of weather forecasts is very high. If you wish, you can compare our forecasts with any other sites.

Currently, our office is developing a free mobile application with which you can receive our weather forecasts in your smartphone. The application will be ready soon.